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Typographic Installation

OFFF hosts innovative and international talents to share their insightful experiences. It’s the key meeting point for all talents around the world to unite and collaborate.

The 2019 edition of the OFFF book is titled “Totem”. The book will showcase the inspiration behind the work of every artist, what moves them, what burns within them. It’s a book created to serve as an inspiration for anyone who holds it.

Focus means paying attention. If you want to develop focus, you need to develop the skill of paying attention to a particular thought, task, or goal for a specified amount of time – without allowing distractions to break your concentration.

Client: OFFF
Photography: Ryan Johnston

OFFF 2019 Conference_Book Totem_Typography, Lettering, Design_Cr
OFFF Barcelona 2019 - Installation by Craig Black
OFFF Barcelona 2019 – Installation by Craig Black


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